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Pastor Taber  My wife, Jeannine and I, moved to Morganton in April, 1976 shortly after we were married. We immediately became involved in the community. During our first few years here, our three daughters were born - Melanie and twins, Jennifer and Stephanie. I have been involved in just about every area of Burke County - serving as an on-call chaplain of Grace Hospital, actively involved in the Morganton Area Ministerial Association, community services, a speaker at Grace Ridge Chapel, and singing at the first 9/11 memorial service at the Comma (as well as the 1st Anniversary). In October 1976, I began daily Radio Thots on WMNC 1430 and FM 92.1. I thank God for the thousands of folk I have been blessed to reach over the years!

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praise team 2

Our Praise team is led by Melina Woods (3rd from left). She is always full of joy and praise to the Lord.

Stephanie (left) and Jennifer (right)  often bless us with their violins.

Viola has become our pianist along with organist, Jackie)

Melina not only sings specials for us, but she blesses us with playing her flute!

We are greatly blessed with ALL the talent our church has!


professional organist, jackie greer

We are so blessed to have Jackie Greer as our organist. Jackie was long time organist and pianist at her previous church.

Jackie and husband, Joe, have been with us from our first Sunday and both are a great assest to our church with their optmistic attitudes and their dedication to the Lord!

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