Home Online Prayer List

Judy Lloyd -doing well

Allison - serios digestive system problems. Had some pollops removed.

Robin Burgess - cancer in lung and abdomen

Linda Woods - 

Rev. Tom Helms (cancer)

Eric Bedsloe

Debbie Hendrix

Kevin Wright - cancer

Fabian and Pam Parker

Nancy Lively - cancer (in remission); having problem with her legs!

Margaret Price -

Richard Beyer - Fell of deck (15 feet); critical condition at CMC, Charlotte. Fractured skull front to back, 2 brain hemerages, 6 broken ribs, punctured lung,

Rita - Lymphoba

Donald Morgan - cancer (Charles brother) Hospice

Legina Dillard - MS; cancer

Andrew Morgan - Neck

Jenny Crane - 49 and has bone cancer

Annie Petersheim - cancer

Welma Earwood -

Faye Pearson - Conlan Cancer

April Crane - Breast Cancer

Shirley Branton - mini Strokes, blood clots!

Steven Semco - Blood clots in one leg

Mackie Lowery -  problem with disc; new medication seems to be working.

Wanda Cook - Fibromyalgia

Valerie Turner - in rehab in Roanoke, VA

Sherie Woods -

Jodie Carriker Edwards - Breast Cancer.

Jack Hice - cancer; results from latest PET Scan - NO CHANGE! He will continue his regular treatments!

Ariel Calloway - stint to control seizers

Terry Setzer;

Carrie Greer - MS; 

Martha Suggs -

William Schoup;

Dwight Smith - Cancer;

Eddie Barrier -

Cutter Green - seizures (may have brain surgery)

Louie Price,

Sharon Adkins, brothers, grandson Francis Leonard -

David Taber -eyes!

Stephanie Fairman - Liver cancer;

Laurie Young (daughter Kathy Meyers - chemo

Tyler Regan -